Chlorophyll Tincture 02204

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Introducing our Chlorophyll Drops Tincture, a natural powerhouse for your wellness journey. Packed with the vibrant green essence of chlorophyll, this tincture is a concentrated liquid supplement designed to support your body’s detoxification and overall health. Extracted from nutrient-rich plants, chlorophyll is renowned for its antioxidant properties, promoting cellular rejuvenation and vitality. With just a few drops added to your daily routine, experience a refreshing boost that may help cleanse your body, enhance energy levels, and contribute to a radiant, healthy glow. Embrace the pure essence of nature with our Chlorophyll Drops Tincture and invigorate your well-being from the inside out.

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Ingredient Deck: Sodium Benzoate, MCT Oil, Sodium Chlorophyll, RO water, Vegetable Liquid
Use: Commonly an additive to beverages

**Shake well before use.

**Custom Packaging Options Available